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Cutipol GOA Celadon


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The perfect symbiosis of West and East in ergonomic and delicate pieces that inspire unique gestures.

Material: stainless steel and resin handle

Finishing: Matte brushed; gold plated matte brushed; rose gold plated matte brushed

Design: José Joaquim Ribeiro


Manual washing

When washing Cutipol cutlery by hand, avoid using abrasive cleaning articles or wire scouring pads. After use, be sure to wash food waste as quickly as possible with hot water and a mild detergent


The blades deserve special attention. Steel, which provides greater cutting power, may have less resistance to oxidation. Make sure that the knives are washed immediately after use and dry thoroughly before storing them in a place without humidity.


Due to the percentage of carbon in all knife blades and the presence of copper in the Gold and Rose Gold coatings, avoid aggressive chlorine-based or anti-scale detergents, as they can stain or rust.

Washing machine

Cutipol cutlery is suitable for the washing machine. Minimize prolonged contact with steam, removing them as soon as the wash cycle is over. Thoroughly clean each item with a dry, soft cloth.

Resin cables

In order for the darker handles to last longer and maintain a more colorful tone, we suggest applying a moisturizing lotion or vegetable oil.

Prevent risks

Carefully place in the dishwasher. To avoid scratches, cutlery should not come into contact, in particular shiny or brushed finishes. We recommend arranging the knives separately.

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